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    This is just a place for me to showcase some of the layouts I have worked on. I'm trying to step outside of the box a little.

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June 26, 2009



I so agree with you. I rarely post on the bulletin boards any more. Many people are fun, helpful, encouraging and friendly; but, a handful of miserable whineys make it feel risky to post. It reminds me of a classroom where one or two students can make things unpleasant for everyone.

There is very little money to be made with this hobby, which makes the entire question of who copied whom even more ridiculous.

I much prefer to post to my own blog or SCS, and to check out other people's blogs where they say what they say what they want to say, post the art they want to post, and don't get a bunch of enraged ninnys whining about stupid issues.

Speaking of posts..... Get some artwork posted - I really like your stuff! :)


Well said! I couldn't agree with you more. I also think your artwork is amazing and will be stopping back often for ideas and inspiration (as long as you don't charge me for it...LOL)
Smiles - Tracy


I agree Jennifer. I am a new paper crafter and it is really sad that everyone wants to be paid for every little thing.


I agree


Such a well spoken thought on this subject. I don't think I could have voiced it any other way!! I guess some people are actually not allowed to sell templates on their own blog, and BIG SISTER (you know who) told them they would no longer be a consultant if this continued!!!!!!!! It is ridiculous, but one consultant actually "sells" cards now, and gives the template for free... I thought what you did with your blog was your OWN business, not someone else's (KWIM?) I agree with the whiney stuff. Although, things must be improving, because it doesn't seem that bad really, on the BB (to me)... Thanks for sharing your artwork on the BB. I wouldn't have found your blog otherwise! :) Kim

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